Why We Need Music in Our Lives

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There are many who would believe that music is nothing more than a simple way to spend your time. Others would argue that music is a passion that everyone shares. Whether you like music or not, you have to agree that music shapes a huge part of our lives, and many times without us even realizing this.

Music Makes Memories

One of the most profound ways in which music is affecting our everyday lives, is the memories that we make with music. Consider a fond memory in your life, and chances are when you hear a certain song, this memory is going to come into your mind. This is very true when it comes to memories that are made to a song itself. For example, imagine your first school dance. If you have this image, chances are you also know the song that you were dancing to with that someone who you believed to be truly meant for you at that moment.

Music is more than just simple notes strung together to a make a melody. It has the ability to make a memory and to allow us to remember these big events in our lives when we hear that certain melody.

Music in the Real World

Not only is music personal, but there are several ways in which music is steadily becoming a way to remember a business, product or service offered by a business. Consider the commercials that are seen on television which utilize some type of jingle. Though a jingle may not be a masterpiece that is going to stand against the test of time, it is still music.

There are several examples that could be given that show why music is in our lives and why we need this. However, consider a world that was without music, and there was nothing but silence. It would be a very dull world to live in.

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